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   Campbell Companies

  • Top Training Firm - Wealth & Finance Award 2020
  • Top Innovation Consultant - Insights Award 2019
  • Top Training Firm - Wealth & Finance Award 2018
  • Top Business Consultant - CV Magazine 2017

Beth Campbell, Principal Consultant

Beth has experience and expertise in entrepreneurship, business development,

 innovation, marketing, sales, consulting, developing educational programs, training, and 

public speaking. Beth is a creative business leader who thinks outside the box to get things 

done. She sees extraordinary potential in ordinary things but, she knows from experience that

it takes more than just a vision or a dream to get results.  Success happens when preparation

meets opportunity. To get to that magical moment requires a plan, work, and persistence.  

Reviews & Testimonials:

"I feel so fortunate to have 

crossed paths with Beth.

The consulting and coaching 

she provides is exactly what I 

need.  She's the mentor I've 

needed for so many years." 

~ Susan K., Private Client

"Beth provided a 4-Day Sales Training Program for our experienced international sales team. The team was skeptical about another training program prior to the training but by the end of the training they gave Beth a standing ovation. That prompted our organization to also have Beth write our 'Best Practices' manual. Beth is an excellent consultant, presenter & trainer."

~ Bill W., Tangosol a div. of Oracle

​"Beth's motivational presentation was 

very positive and eye opening it has prompted many ongoing conversations 

on how we can turn negative forces to positive. Beth provided a very enjoyable 

motivational experience. Well done!"

~ Susan B., State of MN

“Beth is an excellent communicator and builds 

great relationships with her clients. Always 

finding new ways to help people excel!"

~ Beverly K., Henry Schein

"Our business was negatively impacted by Covid.  Beth helped us with a plan to get back on track.  She motivated our deflated team and she helped us implement an improved sales process."

~ Tim R., Corporate Private Client

"Thank you, Beth for 

helping me with my new business start-up. You walked me through each step of the process to help me get my business plan ready and

executed. I appreciate all that 

you did to help me realize 

my dream." 

~ Eric W., Corporate Private Client

"Beth brings a rare

​combination of ambition,

grit and grace to

business development and provides great sales training."

~Rob N., Woodgrain Millwork 

"Thank you, Beth for helping me get my new product idea moving forward. You always answered all of my questions with factual answers and options. Also, after talking to you, it was clear to me that this was not your first rodeo, which gave me confidence. I have other projects that I am working on and I will be bringing them to you."

~ Ed F., Private Inventor